Sunday, February 06, 2005

Other than that, Mrs.Lincoln, how was the play?

What weighs 3.2 kgs, leaps to a distance of 1.5+ metres from a height of a metre and can perform the salsa on a white line ?

Kudos to the organisers of Survivor at Techfest'05
*for having continually responded (dutifully and sincerely) to our queries and cribs,
*for having given everyone a chance to prove their prowess on the actual arena; (the eleminations on the 26th & 27th),
*for the effort that they took to conduct the various rounds and selections; for helping us and other participants put up their best,
*(respect to) Ankit, one of the most spirited co-ordinators, for his FAITH in us - Hey!Wire - we did'nt even get selected in the first shortlist, but ended up with a rank of 15 and a design prize,
*for creating an atmosphere of sheer inspiration!

And thank yous to:
Our friends and their parents for providing us with so much support. To our engineer friends for their advice and lending us equipment and infrastructure. To our parents for bearing with and providing for our antics and experiments - moments which we will cherish always.

BTW: We made it to rank 15 in the Top-28 knockouts; lost to a lousy team in the knockouts (bcoz of an unlucky and untimely error) and came back home with a design prize.

It was a real pleasure to compete in Survivor/Yantriki @ Techfest '05

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