Tuesday, November 16, 2004

“Unsuspecting vs I” - written in 2002 AD

This is a part of the conversation that ensued between a friend and I during a robotics competition held at my engg. College. It’s left to you to decide who’s the ****…

Me: Man those robots were amazing ! But I still think there are more innovative ways to play robot golf

Unsuspecting (henceforth U.S.): Those robots were cute… I’m glad that in the end, the simplest design won.

Me: But, that’s like, not putting any of your hard-earned knowledge to any use.

U.S.: Hmm…

Me: I was thinking more in terms of … [now, suddenly jumping into a dramatic sequence] … say, using the natural capacitance of a golf ball, supplying it with some initial charge – then, with the help of perfectly synched electric and magnetic fields, accelerating it to critical velocity and leaving it at the precise angle at which the tangent is in line with the hole. [Ending with a swift juggle which could even put the Nat. Geo. Croc guy to shame] ….So, what do you think ?

U.S. : Huh ?

Me: OR! OR! [in another fit of excitement] Maybe we could implement our knowledge of the dual nature of light ie. particle and wave. We could then propel the ball using focused beams of low wavelength electromagnetic radiation and thus, progressively transfer momentum to the ball so as to guide it into the goal cavity. So, what do you think. Rings a bell ?

U.S.: A bell ? It could ring a toy gun siren any moment now …

Me: [Returning from the space-time warp] I’m not too sure we’ll get faculty support for all this.

U.S.: Hey, we could still look for sponsorships…

Me: That’s not my department.

U.S.: Well, then let’s just hurl the balls down a bent pipe like the winning team…

Me: Yeah, I guess that’ll do…
U.S.: [Giggle! Giggle!] Attaboy!

Next time: Unsuspecting strikes back – Towards more obfuscated speech.

[PS: It's fiction.. :-) ]

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